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02.24-The Morning Call: Ten Day record run. Now What?

02/25/2017 10 a.m.

It's Friday and many Traders will be Flattening. Trump speaks to Congress on Tuesday. What will he say? LePen is doing well. Could she win? Is there a Frexit? Not surprising that profits on stocks are be... Full Story

02.23-The Morning Call:"Beware the Ides of March".

02/24/2017 9 a.m.

We enjoy the read that's the Macro Tourist. We agree with them which helps. He postulates that the FED is behind the Curve. We agree. Yellen is starting to talk more "Hawkish". Every meeting is... Full Story

02.22-The Morning Call: Cognitive Dissonance.

02/23/2017 9 a.m.

It is a tendency for individuals to seek consistency among their cognitions (i.e., beliefs, opinions). When there is an inconsistency between attitudes or behaviours (dissonance), something must change to el... Full Story

02.21-The Morning Call:So where to Now?

02/22/2017 8 a.m.

Unfortunately, we find that there doesn't seem to be much that hasn't been discovered before. It's not exactly the same, but it rhymes. Here's Bernard Baruch. "All economic movements,... Full Story

02.17-The Morning Friday and maybe it's time to Dial Back for the long Weekend.

02/18/2017 10 a.m.

"If the current rally truly signals a new economic paradigm and outlook for US corporate earnings, then we are in the first stages of a Volatility reset. The Vix and other equity options price... Full Story

02.16-The Morning Call:Oh Tweet me a Tweet.

02/17/2017 9 a.m.

"Stock market hits new high with the longest winning streak in Decades." "great level of confidence and optimism - even before tax plan rollout." Trump tweet. All the Pros know that even ... Full Story

02.15-The Morning Call:She Talks the Talk. Will She Walk the Walk?

02/16/2017 9 a.m.

Yellen is back at it. The market is struggling a bit today because of the "Expected" news. Retail Sales. CPI. "Waiting too long to accommodate would be unwise", she said. She told us that... Full Story

02.14-The Morning Call:Time in the Market Beats Market Timing.

02/15/2017 9 a.m.

As our title suggests, just being there has Paid. As our friend Nigel Martin used to say,"It's the only business in the world that pays you for just showing up". True then, True now. We've ... Full Story

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