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The Global Language Connection App Taking the Language Learning Market by Storm

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11/08/2016 11:12 a.m.

Company Summary:

·         Hello Pal offers a powerful mobile tool for learning languages by allowing users to connect with native speakers of other languages globally while providing automated translation functions.

·         User base exceeded 1 million in September of this year with very little marketing and impressive organic growth.

·         Main seed financier and second largest shareholder, Hans Xu from New Margin Group, is a leading PRC venture capital fund that specializes in investing in innovative business models with disruptive technologies.


Recent Headlines:

·         Hello Pal Breaks Through One Million Registered Users  September 14, 2016

·          Hello Pal Launches Video and Audio Call Features  August 30, 2016 

·         Publicly-Traded Hello Pal Language App Cracks Singapore's Coveted Top 100 List  August 29, 2016

·         Hello Pal harnesses language learning to connect people in a new way  September 7, 2016​

·         Hello Pal social messaging app hits Singapore 100 popular apps ranking August 29, 2016

·         Finding a global audience that was lost in translation  August 31, 2016​


Hello Pal is a mobile social language exchange and messaging application focused on communication exchange, language learning and travel convenience. The application allows users to meet and chat instantly with people from around the world, in a completely foreign language.   This application has filtering and matching abilities to match users with pals from all around the world. There is an interactive functionality where phrasebook resources allow users to learn a foreign language on the application, practice and speak it from a professionally recorded guide audio and then easily send it to their friends. It is a powerful translation tool, language learning resource and an easy to use mobile messaging application.

The birth of this application came from an idea by the founder, KL Wong, who also created an early education language learning platform called Brillikids. He saw an opportunity to bridge the clean user interface and functionality of the Brillikids platform for mobile messaging purposes worldwide. KL Wong is professionally trained in law and has extensive expertise in technology and finance combined with entrepreneur experience.  

Hello Pal was launched in late 2015 and is available on the Android and IOS platforms. Despite minimal marketing efforts, Hello Pal’s popularity grew quickly after its launch gaining many users and organic tractions and having achieved over 1,200,000 registered users to date, blowing past the 1 million user milestone in less than a year. Hello Pal’s early popularity is due to a focus on three trends; mobile social interaction, language learning and travel built on an easy to use and dynamic messaging platform.                            

When compared to other mobile messaging applications, Hello Pal has strong competitive advantages. Evidently, Hello Pal has seen strong organic growth immediately after its launch. Also, Hello Pal has a strong team of financiers. The main seed stage financier and second largest shareholder is Hans Xu, a key managing partner of the New Margin Venture Group in Hangzhou, China. New Margin is amongst one of the largest venture capital firms in China with over $3 billion USD of funds under management both within and outside China. Mr. Xu is a prominent and well-connected angel investor in China with a well-connected network where he could leverage connections to help grow Hello Pal. With his extensive network along with Michael Koh, and SJ Wong, and founder, KL Wong, their rich mobile and technology expertise and extensive business networks along with connections with contacts in the entertainment industry, there are many opportunities for major entertainment figures and influencers in Asia to endorse this application.

Proceeds of Hello Pal’s financing have been dedicated to user acquisition and PR campaigns, app development and stock promotion.  Hello Pal has been very active since going public and completing the financing. It has expanded its technical team and launched Version 3.0 that includes voice and audio calling. A key new hire is former Huawei Chief Architect Daniel Kou as CTO.

There are many opportunities for Hello Pal to monetize its user base such as by providing VIP memberships, advertising, stickers, premium phrasebooks and different ways to capitalize on language instruction and learning. Hello Pal’s current business model is evidently growing and through collaboration opportunities and partnerships with shareholder’s business and entertainment networks, has positive potential for rapid expansion.

Hello Pal is embarking on a strategy of launching companion apps that focus on the attributes that have led to its early success. The first of these due out soon is “Travel Pal”. Travel Pal will focus on finding companions to travel with along with accommodations and assistance while on your trip. In the near future we can also expect apps that focus on the language learning and translation functions. The novel aspect of this approach is in the group of apps appealing to different types of users. This allows the company to focus its marketing efforts on different groups of users adding to the diversity of its user base. This also affords the future apps to launch with a large and active user base in place.


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