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UK’s Dyson Group Opens Its First China Technology Lab in Shanghai

By Editing NAI
05/18/2017 8:36 p.m.

British appliance maker, Dyson Group, has unveiled its first China technology lab in Shanghai. The lab will focus on software development that integrates Dyson’s products with WeChat and other popular Chinese mobile apps. Dyson plans to hire 50 local engineers for its China lab within a year.

“China’s digital and network development is leading the world, so we want to attract more local software engineers to join us. As we grow in China so must our ability to localize apps and software,” Jim Rowan, chief operating officer of Dyson, was quoted as saying.

The company did not disclose the exact amount of the investment in its Shanghai lab, but said it is part of the GBP2.5 billion (USD3.2 billion) investment in future technology and global expansion. Stepping into China market four years ago, Dyson now has more than 450 stores across China, with half of its sales revenue coming through e-commerce.

More than half of Dyson’s earnings come from Asia, and China ranks among its five largest markets. The tech firm is optimistic about the spending power of Chinese middle class consumers, despite the relatively low home appliance ownership in the country. Once market demand in China grows to a certain level, it will consider transferring some of its Asian manufacturing operations to the country.



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