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Investment Opportunities - Gold

Investment Opportunities - Dynacor Gold

The following is a recent update by Louis James, Casey Research. Investors should pay attention to Dynacor Gold, which is one of rare mining companies that has a solid business model, not just only relying ... Full Story

New Gold Companies with Proven Management

We are situated in a prolonged commodity bear market, a time where we saw the mining sector hit its high during November 2011 but since then has fallen like a rock. While investors are patiently waiting for... Full Story

Uranium Explorer & Producer

Uranium Energy Corp. – Crisis equals opportunity?

It’s no secret that the uranium price has a lot of potential because currently, it’s trading at rock bottom compared to the time just before the Fukushima incident. With new nuclear power plants in construct... Full Story

Royalties & Streaming

Mining Reality Bites: Royalty a way to go?

With Altius Minerals (TSX:ALS) acquiring Callinan Royalties (TSXV:CAA) last week, investors start to ponder who is next?  In such a competitive royalty world, we now see on... Full Story

Western Canadian Energy Opportunities

Who is winning the oil war?

The low oil price is making a lot of countries suffer. This is what Saudi Arabia wants initially, is to keep its market share while driving out some of the players in the competition. The rig count in the... Full Story

Growing by acquisition – Canamax Energy

While the oil price continues to slide due to the uncertainty of Greece’s future, there is one junior company continues to defy the nature and is on the rise due to its own development. The company Canamax ... Full Story

Western Canadian Energy Opportunities - Part 5: 2015 Q1 Update

This is a quick update on the opportunities our research team has mentioned before, and how they are doing in the first Quarter of the year.  Tamarack Valley Energy (TSXV: TVE)  Last Closing Pri... Full Story

Western Canadian Energy Opportunities – Part 3

Solid as a Rock – Rock Energy Oil price (WTI) has been back above $50USD/barrel since Apr 6, it’s very difficult to say what direction it will be heading next, but at this time junction it may... Full Story

Western Canadian Energy Opportunities Part 2: Not Running Out of Gas

Since we first wrote about the Western Canadian Energy Opportunities (WCEO) 10 days ago, the WTI oil price has rebounded slightly. The latest push over $50/barrel was because of the Saudi’s attack on Y... Full Story

Western Canadian Energy Opportunities Part 1: Why now….Why not ?

(pic: The Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin covers SW Manitoba, S Saskatchewan, Alberta, NE British Columbia & SW Northwest Territories) Remember when we were kids in the science experiment, w... Full Story

Diamond Investing

Diamond is Forever? But Diamond Investing is Not.

Investing into Diamond companies has always been a mystery. Diamond companies have always been performing at their pace rather than being affected by the macro behavior of the whole mining sector. It’s becau... Full Story

Comeback Stories

There is Nothing Sweeter than a Big Comeback

As the gold price continues to fall from grace since 2011, there are many companies that couldn’t reach their goals or even fulfill the promises they made to shareholders. But with the change of people and m... Full Story

Gold In New Platform

Bitgold combining tech & natural resources into one vehicle

When did one last witness a TSXV listing debut that actually generated such excitement?  When the traditional business meets the new technology business world, the end product can be quite explosive ... Full Story


Potash in another mining friendly region other than Saskatchewan

With the junior mining sector struggling in the past few years, it is difficult for investors to find comfort in investing in companies with projects that will never become a mine.  However, if a compan... Full Story

The hidden gems in CSE

From the old days of Vancouver Stock Exchange (VSE) of Howe Street, to being combined with Alberta Stock Exchange to form CDNX, and then to TSX Venture. There has always been just one real active stock ma... Full Story

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