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CohBar, Inc.(TSXV:COB.U)

Market Overview


Vol 6,200
10 Days Avg Vol 12200
3 Mo Avg Vol 11300
52 Wk Lo/Hi $0.88 - $1.65
YTD Price Gain % %
10 Wks Moving Avg 1.09
200 Days Moving Avg 1.26
Liquidity Ratio 3.5
Market Cap 28,442,384


CohBar is an innovator and leader in the research and development of mitochondria-based therapeutics (MBTs), an emerging new class of drugs targeted for the treatment of diseases associated with aging. MBTs originate from the discovery by our founders of a novel group of peptides within the genome of mitochondria, the energy source within our cells. CohBar’s ongoing development of mitochondria-based therapeutics offers potential break-through treatments and improved quality of life for millions of people afflicted with a broad range of diseases including type 2 diabetes, cancer, Alzheimer’s and cardiovascular diseases.

Contact Information

CohBar, Inc.

Suite 2050
1455 Adams Drive, Suite 2050

Menlo Park Ca 94025

(415) 388-2222

Jon Stern